When To Harvest Lavender For Oil

Choosing the exact moment to harvest our wonderful Jersey lavender is one of the most important parts of our work here on our lovely Jersey Lavender Farm. Harvest too early and the lavender will not be fully mature enough to produce the perfect highest quality, but harvest too late and the plant will have begun… Read more »

What is Lavender Oil made from? – Part 2

The earlier post – What is Lavender Oil Made From? – Part 1 – was about how lavender oil is often analysed using a process called gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy. The results of this shows that lavender oil is pretty complicated; containing up to a hundred different components. This post is about these components. One thing to… Read more »

The Many Uses of Lavender Syrup

Recently we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the many wonderful uses of lavender in savoury dishes – yum yum yum! However after stopping by our local farm shop and picking up a punnet of the freshest, biggest and sweetest strawberries. I think I’ve ever eaten (apparently the long period of cold weather this… Read more »

What’s The Difference Between Lavender And Lavandin?

There are thought to be 35 different species of lavender (all from the genus lavandula). Here on the Jersey Lavender Farm we grow 2 of them, lavandula angustifolia (often known as English Lavender) and lavandula x intermedia (Lavandin or hybrid lavender). There are numerous varieties of both English Lavender (such as Hidcote, Munstead, Peter Pan and Royal… Read more »

How To Spot A Fake Essential Oil

Unfortunately, as with so many things in life these days, you don’t always get what you pay for. The trade-in counterfeit goods are growing at an alarming rate and in 2012 in Europe alone, almost 40 million products were detained by EU customs with an estimated value of c. €1bn – and these were only… Read more »

Lavender For Sunburn

It’s inevitable, a few days of pleasant weather and half of the British population are bright red and peeling. Whilst many of us would never dream of going out into the sunshine with a liberal application of sunscreen on when we are on holiday, we will happily sit in full sun all day in the… Read more »

Freshen Your Home With Lavender

We may not be quite there, but here on the wonderful Channel Island of Jersey, Spring finally feels like it’s beginning to…well…spring! It has been wonderful to be able to throw open the windows of our lovely lavender farm house and get some of that fresh Channel Island air blowing the cobwebs away. And in… Read more »

Get Through The Winter Months With Essential Oils

Even though there are a few early signs of spring, the long winter months still don’t feel like they’re quite coming to an end. The recent frost has been gilding those few optimistic daffodils that have dared to poke their heads out and there’s definitely no danger of being able to turn the heating off… Read more »

Lavender Oil To Treat Burns

One of the many amazing uses of lavender essential oil is its ability to be used to treat minor burns and scalds. It is believed that lavender oil was first used to treat burns in 1928 by the ‘founder of aromatherapy’, Rene Gattefosse. In his book, ‘Aromatherapie’ Gattefosse chronicles suffering a burn to his arm… Read more »

Top 3 Uses Of Lavender Around The Home

The lavender essential oil has an absolute myriad of uses, whether they are medicinal, for the body, on holiday or for so many other things. Our top-quality Jersey farm-grown lavender essential oil also has a really great array of uses around the home, and here’s our top 3. Fragrancing So let’s start with the obvious… Read more »