Essential Oil Safety

Obviously as producers of high quality essential oils, we love them and use them for a myriad of different purposes. However there are a few things that you have to remember when using essential oils to ensure that you get the fantastic results that most oils can deliver. Undiluted (neat) essential oils It is a… Read more »

Lavender in your Laundry

OK, so Easter is officially over. We must now wave goodbye to huge family roast dinners, pounds of Simnel Cake and masses of chocolate Easter Eggs. Yummy. However for many of us this post-Easter period is one of having to loosen top buttons, fasten your belt on a different hole and complain that the washing… Read more »

Rosemary Oil To Treat Dandruff

Dandruff is an incredibly common skin condition that causes flakes of dry dead skin to fall from the scalp. Although it doesn’t pose any particular health risks, dandruff can be embarrassing and can sometimes cause the scalp to become itchy. In normal cases the skin on our scalp is naturally renewed and dead skin falls… Read more »

Does Your Lavender Love Music?

Is your lavender plant looking a little limp? Is it beginning to show signs of age or simply just not springing back into life as much as you expected this year? Obviously there are many causes and many different remedies for a lifeless lavender, but after you’ve tried all the usual suspects (checking that the… Read more »