Freshen Your Home With Lavender

We may not be quite there, but here on the wonderful Channel Island of Jersey, Spring finally feels like it’s beginning to…well…spring! It has been wonderful to be able to throw open the windows of our lovely lavender farm house and get some of that fresh Channel Island air blowing the cobwebs away. And in that spirit we’ve decided it’s time to give the whole place a good freshening up for Spring – and what better way to do that than with some of our gorgeous velvety and deeply fragrant lavender?!

There are loads of fantastic, effective and easy ways to freshen your house up with lavender. Some of our favourites include:

Lavender Room Fragrance

Lavender not only leaves your room smelling amazing but lavender essential oil is also antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal which means that it can actually eliminate bad odours entirely. Depending on your preference you can freshen and fragrance the air inside your house using lavender in a number of ways. Why not try:

– Mixing a few drops of our wonderful lavender essential oil with some mineral or de-ionised water and shake together in a spray bottle. The simply spritz around your room to banish nasty smells and leave the lovely aroma of lavender in its place.

– Pop a couple of drops of lavender oil into an oil burner and allow it to gently do its thing whilst you relax in the wonderfully fresh and soothing fragrance.

– Fill a pretty bowl with some of our dried lavender buds which will not only look beautiful but will also wonderfully freshen and fragrance your room.

Freshen Your Linen

The simply addition of one of our super little lavender bags into your linen closet will leave all of your towels, bedding and anything else in there fresh and gently fragranced with lavender (a sure fire way to a great night’s sleep too!). Also, why not pop one into your clothes drawers and wardrobe too – you’ll have fresh fragranced clothes in a jiffy. And not only that but any nasty insects that are after a belly full of your best cashmere will be sent on their way too.

Spring Clean With Lavender

Forget all those nasty chemically and not to mention expensive cleaning products, why not give your house a spring clean with lavender instead? A simple mixture of lavender essential oil, white vinegar and water makes a fantastic cleaner for your floors and surfaces. The vinegar cuts through grease whilst the lavender cleans, disinfects and imparts its wonderful fragrance.


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