Lavender & Rosemary Shower Gel

Two of our favourite plants in one bottle


We love lavender so much, that not only do we bathe in it, we eat it! Lavender is a wonderful addition to many recipes, and we have added a delicious range of foods so that we can share our love of lavender with as many people as possible. Lavender plants produce a delightfully fragrant herb, which adds lovely dimensions to flavours in recipes. Our culinary delights for those with a sweet tooth include biscuits and fudge. We have then also produced a range of jarred goodness, from mustard to marmalade, with a pure lavender jelly for those who just adore the flavour.

Lavender can be used in the kitchen for creating culinary delicacies. It can be substituted for rosemary, as well as used in a whole host of other dishes, from biscuits to salads, the only limit is your imagination…You can different parts of the lavender plants from the leaves to the flowers, it is all edible and delicious. If you are using lavender in your own cooking, make sure you buy organic food-grade lavender, so that you know it is safe, and grown to eat.

At Jersey Lavender, we use only the finest lavender grown here on our lavender farm under the Jersey sun. We make sure that we produce the best lavender for you. Our home-grown lavender is used in our products from our bath and shower range to our culinary product range, we make sure our shop is filled to the brim with lovely lavender scents and fragrances just for you.


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