Fabulous Lavender Christmas Gifts – Order Early And Don`t Miss Out

There is no end of wonderful things about living on the gorgeous Channel Island of Jersey; the stunning scenery, the wonderful people, the thoroughly pleasant climate, the charming mix of British and French features. However the speed of the postal service to the rest of the mainland UK is not always one of them, especially… Read more »

Rosemary Oil To Keep You Going

Now obviously, here at Jersey Lavender, we’re all for singing the praises of our home grown and home pressed Lavender, but did you also know that we grow and press our own Rosemary too? Not only do we have our own range of Lavender and Rosemary products but we also sell our own Rosemary oil,… Read more »

Lavender In Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient set of Chinese values that focus on the belief that everything in our lives creates animate and inanimate energy which ultimately control our emotions. To make Feng shui work you need to create positive energy on a subconscious level within your home. If this is achieved you will feed your… Read more »

Lavender To Help You Sleep

Whether it’s the occasional night where you just can’t seem to drop off or if it’s a more serious problem of anxiety related sleeplessness or clinical insomnia, having trouble sleeping can seriously affect your day to day life. But what can you do to help you to get a good night’s sleep without resorting to… Read more »