Lavender & Rosemary Shower Gel

Two of our favourite plants in one bottle


Rosemary is a similar plant to lavender, and so grows well on our lavender farm. As the two herbs work well together we produce delightful natural products which encapsulate all that is good from both plants. Rosemary essential oil is an incredible addition to your natural medicine cabinet with a long list of benefits associated with the plant.

Rosemary is believed to help with memory, stress, and pain. It is thought to improve functioning and used to cope better with the strains of our busy lives. Simply swirling a few drops into your hot bath will release the gorgeous aroma and allow you to lie back in steamy clouds of goodness. The addition of rosemary essential oils into your hot bath may also help with your achy muscles and sore joints, as there have been studies that show that the use of it may help. It can help with hair health after studies showed that rubbing diluted rosemary essential oil into hair improves hair thickness.

We grow our very own rosemary here amongst our lavender plants. The perfect soil combined with the Jersey sun gives us ideal growing conditions for our natural lavender and rosemary bushes. At Jersey Lavender Farm, we carefully harvest our lavender and rosemary bushes to ensure that we retain all the fragrant goodness. With careful distillation, we produce our lovely oils, perfectly packaged for you. Ideal for gifting, fresh rosemary essential oils make a lovely present for a busy friend, who might just take a moment to pause and inhale the scent of their rosemary essential oil.

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