How To Grow Lavender From Seed

Many home gardeners choose to buy young lavender plants directly from a garden centre. However, if you are looking for a bit more of a gardening challenge, or are looking to grow large amounts of lavender plants, perhaps to form a hedge, then it may be a good idea to grow your lavender plants directly from seeds.

Some say that growing lavender from seed can be a somewhat challenging process, however, if you follow our tips below then you may find it both a satisfying and thrifty way to fill your garden with some lovely and luscious lavender.

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NB. Although not absolutely necessary, you are likely to get a better success rate if you have the use of a propagator or greenhouse and cold frame for cultivating the seeds.

1. Sow lavender seeds into seed trays, either into individual compartments or at least 5 cm apart. If you have them we recommend using the seed pots that are made of biodegradable material and so can be transplanted directly into the soil later on.

2. Fill the pots 2/3 full of a specialist seed starting mix and water until it is moist but not wet.

3. Add the seed and then cover with a light sprinkling of compost. Spray with water until the top layer of compost is lightly damp. Remember not to pack down the compost.

4. Keep the seeds in the propagator at a temperature of between 15-18˚C. Remember to keep the soil lightly moist, but not wet. Getting the right balance between over-watering and under-watering is key to the success of your seedlings.

5. Lavender seeds can take between 12 and 28 days to germinate so be patient!

6. After the seeds sprout move them into a position that has plenty of direct sunlight, although be careful that they don’t overheat and dry out.

7. Once the seedlings have grown a set of leaves then they are ready for transplanting into larger pots. Use a pot at least 5 cm in diameter and fill with a light free-draining compost.

8. Once the seedlings have strengthened they can then be moved into a cold frame to further mature before being planted out into their final position.

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