Farm Audio Tours

A great way to see the farm!

Farm Guided Tour

A great way to see the farm!

One of our newest additions to Jersey Lavender is our fantastic audio tour. Regardless of your group size, you can enjoy our relaxing audio tour. It is fast becoming a popular way for visitors to make their way around the farm at their own pace, while still learning about the lavender, the farm history, and what we do. Every visitor is welcome to an audio tour, which is included in the entrance ticket fee.

What the audio tour includes…

Our audio tour contains: instructions on how to use the handset, a guide about the Jersey Lavender site, plus interesting information about the parts of the farm and an explanation of what happens at each location.

The audio tour will talk you through the unique lavender production process taking place in real-time on the farm. This includes the lavender planting, tending, nurturing, harvesting, distilling, storing, turning the oil into products, and packaging the oils.

While you will, of course, be listening intently to the audio guide as you stroll around the farm, we encourage visitors to embrace all of their senses. Look and smell all around you to enjoy the full experience of our lavender farm.

There’s more!

On top of the Tour, we also offer extras to extend the tour and give you breaks if needed. Take a look below: