Freshen Your Home With Lavender

We may not be quite there, but here on the wonderful Channel Island of Jersey, Spring finally feels like it’s beginning to…well…spring! It has been wonderful to be able to throw open the windows of our lovely lavender farm house and get some of that fresh Channel Island air blowing the cobwebs away. And in… Read more »

Should I Prune My Lavender In Spring?

Even though it is still stubbornly raining and the fire on our lovely Jersey lavender farm is still being regularly lit, clumps of snowdrops are beginning to speckle the verges and we’ve even seen a few daffodils. So yes, even though it might not quite feel like it yet, spring is on its way. And… Read more »

Get Through The Winter Months With Essential Oils

Even though there are a few early signs of spring, the long winter months still don’t feel like they’re quite coming to an end. The recent frost has been gilding those few optimistic daffodils that have dared to poke their heads out and there’s definitely no danger of being able to turn the heating off… Read more »