Lavender & Rosemary Shower Gel

Two of our favourite plants in one bottle

Lavender Scent Talcum Powder

Lavender talcum powder is simply the best talcum powder for your skin. Talcum powder absorbs moisture from the skin and helps keep your skin soft, smooth, as well as preventing rashes. Many people put talcum powder onto their skin after washing, bathing, or swimming. Our perfumed lavender talc powder is made using the finest quality Italian talcum powder. This talcum powder is then infused with the natural goodness of lavender, freshly picked from our Jersey lavender farm.

Lavender is known for its relaxing properties and can help people to fall asleep. Applying lavender talcum powder to your body after an evening bath could give you the added benefit of promoting relaxation and sleep. Even if you naturally gently fall asleep with no struggle, the fragrance of lavender is a delightful one. Gently scented talcum powder is always a pleasure. Our lavender talcum powder product can make an ideal gift for loved ones, or for yourself. Consider pairing our lavender talcum powder with our lavender bath products to create a complete package of lavender loveliness!

Our fresh lavender is grown on our very own lavender farm here on the sunny island of Jersey. We think that you can even smell the sunshine in the lavender! We choose our varieties of lavender carefully, to ensure that you have the very best type of lavender in your lavender talcum powder. Because you and your skin need the best talcum powder infused with the fragrance of the best lavender – Jersey Lavender.

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