Lavender In The Great British Bake Off!

Now, I don’t know about you, but here at the Jersey Lavender Farm we LOVE The Great British Bake Off! And after this week’s fabulous semi-final we were even happier to see lavender featured in Frances’ (Soap) Opera Cake. OK, so Frances may not have got it quite right; Paul Hollywood commenting that the lavender… Read more »

Indulgent Winter Treatments

Although the thought of an extra hour in bed in the morning once the clocks go back is generally appealing, we know that, in fact, this time change signals the start of darker mornings and longer evenings – and, for many of us, a strong urge to hibernate.  But, fear not, we have here two… Read more »

Lavender Beer

OK, so we all know about the plethora of incredibly yummy ways that there are to cook with lavender (think lavender shortbread, lavender scones, lavender with lamb, the list goes on), but what about using a touch of our amazing culinary lavender to make something a little more thirst quenching? Well lavender tea, is already… Read more »

Linalool – Lavender’s Secret Ingredient

Yes, it may sound like some kind of exotic Hawaiian cocktail, but Linalool is actually the active chemical component found in lavender and around 200 other species of plants. Linalool is found mainly in the plant families of Lamiaceae (mints and other scented herbs), Lauraceae (such as laurels, cinnamon and rosewood) and Rutaceae (citrus fruits),… Read more »