Top Uses of Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil to Keep You Going

Now obviously, here at Jersey Lavender, we’re all for singing the praises of our home-grown and home pressed Lavender, but did you also know that we grow and press our own Rosemary too? Not only do we have our own range of Lavender and Rosemary products, but we also sell our own Rosemary oil, which is the perfect Lavender compliment thanks to its rejuvenating properties.

Rosemary Through the Ages

Like Lavender, Rosemary also has a multitude of uses and has been one of the most widely uses herbs across the centuries; one of its first documented uses was in the Medicine Book of Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 1179), acknowledged as the first herbalist and naturopath. Then, as now, Rosemary was known for its stimulating and uplifting properties, although it was also believed to ward off witchcraft and evil spells.

The Properties of Rosemary

There are several varieties of Rosemary, each containing slightly variant levels of the chemical constituents, but all of which comprise high levels of camphor. It is this camphor that is the active chemical, encouraging the improved flow of the circulatory and nervous systems and making Rosemary a potent energy stimulant.

Rosemary also has regenerative and restorative properties and, for this reason, is frequently used to promote hair regrowth, both in humans and animals, amongst other topical uses. Yet it is this regenerative ability, combined with the stimulating camphor, that makes Rosemary such a powerful antidote to mental fatigue.

Top Uses of Rosemary Oil

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a Mediterranean herb, which, like lavender, has been used for centuries for a wide range of physical and physiological conditions. Historically, it has mainly rosemary oil been associated with the strengthening of the memory and is thus a popular emblem of fidelity, constancy, and remembrance throughout the ages.

As well as the lavender, at Jersey Lavender we also grow and distil Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis). It’s easy to grow and can be harvested and distilled when we are not hectically processing the lavender. You’ve all heard of rosemary with your roast lamb, but less well known is that it is a commonly used perfumery ingredient and has some longstanding therapeutic benefits.

Historically, it has mainly been associated with the strengthening of the memory and is thus a popular emblem of fidelity, constancy, and remembrance throughout the ages.

Here are our top uses of rosemary oil suggestions for the use of our Jersey grown and distilled rosemary oil.

1. Stimulant

Rosemary oil is an effective physical and mental stimulant. Herbalists have traditionally used it to revitalize the circulatory and nervous systems thereby improving memory and energy levels. Added to shower gels or dispersed in a bath, rosemary oil will lift the spirits and cure feelings of sluggishness and lethargy. Alternatively put a couple of drops on a hanky and inhale the scent.

2. Decongestant

Steam inhalations of rosemary oil will help clear bronchial and nasal congestion, tiredness, and headaches.

3. Stiffness and muscle pain

Added to carrier oil or lotion and massaged onto the affected area, rosemary oil will relax aching, tired or strained muscles and remove stiffness.

4. Hair tonic

A few drops of oil added to shampoo and/or conditioner will help stimulate your hair bulbs and boost hair growth. Rosemary oil is also an effective astringent and can help combat excessive oil production and/or dandruff on the scalp. And it will leave your hair smelling wonderfully fresh.

5. General ‘tonic’

For a general tonic for your mind and body add rosemary oil to your massage oil. The natural astringent properties of rosemary will help to pep up your lymphatic system, boost your mood and keep your skin toned.

6. Defence against infections

Rosemary oil is a good antiseptic and recent laboratory research has shown that it also has strong anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties, thus able to protect the skin and body from infections. Further extensive investigations are currently being made to discover whether rosemary could even play a preventative role in the fight against cancer.

7. Enhance learning and memory

Several studies have shown that rosemary essential oil can have a beneficial effect upon learning and memory. When subjected to the scent of rosemary, participants have returned higher scores on numerous memory tests and have found that learning new facts has been easier and their recollection more successful.

8. Mental clarity

Rosemary has a stimulating and cleansing effect on the brain and so at times of stress, worry or overwork it can help to separate out those confused thought and allow you to see things more clearly.

9. Treat alzheimer’s

Although research into this area is still very much in its infancy, a number of small scale studies have shown that the mentally stimulating effects of inhaling rosemary essential oil can have a positive effect on cognitive function in Alzheimer’s sufferers.

10. Increase circulation

Rosemary’s stimulating effect on the brain can also be observed on the circulatory system. If you suffer from poor circulation, then regular massage with rosemary essential oil (that has been diluted into a carrier oil such as olive or sweet almond – rosemary is not suitable for use neat on the skin) can help to remedy the problem.

11. Cure headaches

Connected to rosemary’s ability to boost circulation can be its ability to treat headaches, especially if stress related. Simply massaging a little diluted rosemary oil into your temples can help to clear your thoughts and help your headache to melt away. This is especially effective if combined with a drop of our wonderful lavender essential oil.

12. Boost immunity

Rosemary also boasts incredibly antibacterial and anti-viral properties, and so can be very effective at keeping illness at bay. One excellent way to keep you feeling fit and healthy is to use rosemary oil as part of a lymphatic massage. Our lymphatic system is important in clearing our body of waste, so stimulating the lymph nodes (especially those under our armpits) with rosemary essential oil can be extremely beneficial.

13. Treat dandruff

Rosemary’s stimulating properties are also very effective on the hair and the scalp, and so adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil to your shampoo can ensure that your scalp is kept clean, healthy and free from dandruff. A combination of this stimulating effect and its antibacterial and antifungal actions proves particularly effective here.

These are just some of the many wonderful uses of rosemary essential oil, so why not grab a bottle and see for yourself?

CAUTION: ROSEMARY OIL SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR BABIES, INFANTS OR DURING PREGNANCY. Essential oils can cause harm if used inappropriately and indiscriminately. We STRONGLY SUGGEST CAUTION if you DO NOT have experience of their use. Please read up carefully on the subject or consult a qualified aromatherapist or doctor. An excellent introductory home-use guide called “Aromatherapy” is available from the Books section of our shop.


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