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Pure Essential Oils

Pure essential oils are distilled from the plant extracts to capture the essence of the plant in another form. This natural process of producing aromatherapy oils allows the plant to be used in a variety of ways, without losing any of the benefits. Pure essential oils are used for wellbeing and natural health remedies. There are many types made from different plants. Each plant has its own qualities. Lavender is known to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as relieving general discomfort. A few drops of lavender oil on a pillow can help you drift off into a peaceful restorative sleep. You can even rub a few drops onto your wrist and breathe in the fragrance to help you deal with the stresses of your day.

Our organic lavender oil is produced from our own lavender here in Jersey. So we know that only the best lavender plants have gone into producing our 100% pure lavender oil. We also sell a range of other pure essential oils to help you. Using the powers of the natural world to help you improve your wellbeing is easy with pure essential oils. Eucalyptus is traditionally used to help relieve the symptoms of a heavy cold, simply pop a few drops into a hot bath and breathe. Rosemary can be used to stimulate the mind and body, as well as being a natural remedy for aching muscles.

Whatever challenges your day brings you, pure essential oils can help. Take a look and see which grabs your attention, or be prepared and keep a range to hand for all eventualities.

What are the benefits of buying pure essential oils?

There are several benefits of buying organic essential oils. One of the main ones is knowing that the plants used in the oil were not grown using man-made fertilisers, herbicides, or pesticides.

This means the soil is healthier, not only for the plants that went into your aromatherapy oils but contributing to a healthier ecological system in general.

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Discover our range of natural pure essential oils from plant extracts.

If you are looking for an unusual scent, try our pure essential oil products.

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