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What could be better than a perfume that calms you, that soothes your stresses away, that relaxes you? Nothing. Does your perfume do that? Our lavender perfumes are made from our own lavender grown on our lavender farm in Jersey, and they do just that. We love the fragrance of lavender, and we love its restorative and gentle properties. What better way to carry that feeling of serenity and calm that lavender inspires in us throughout your day than in lavender perfumes?

We produce our own range of Eau of toilette and cologne spray so that both men and women can enjoy the benefits of fresh lavender throughout their days. The gentlemen’s cologne has a woody, warm fragrance combined with lavender to give it subtle depths. The ladies’ eau de toilette combines the aromatic and fresh scent of citrus with our lavender to give you a fragrance that you can wear from morning till night.

If your day is becoming stressful, simply taking a moment to stop and breathe can be intensely calming. The relaxing lavender fragrance on your wrists may help you to remain calm and grounded, even in difficult situations. Enjoy the natural fragrance of lavender as well as the restorative properties that it can bring. Lavender can help combat stress and anxiety, so what better fragrance to wear all day. Don’t just enjoy the lavender scents of our lavender perfumes but enjoy the serenity and soothing calm they can bring to you. Remember to breathe, and remember to wear Jersey Lavender from morning till night. Two of our favourite plants in one bottle.

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