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Google Reviews

  • Lyn T. Avatar
    Lyn T.

    Always a lot of fun. Feeding the chickens and listening to the staff. Cafe makes there own dishes . -

    Sheila H. Avatar
    Sheila H.

    Lovely place to visit. We went when there was not much lavender in bloom but it was still worth going! Lovely wild flowers in the fields - a great walk! Bonkers cockerels!
    Smashing cafe and lovely woods and gardens to admire....
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    Ann J. Avatar
    Ann J.

    Lovely place. We sat through the talk which was very interesting. Then walked around the fields. Had a cup of tea and tried a lavender scone (different) in the little Cafe. Then walked along the old... read more -

  • Bernadette G. Avatar
    Bernadette G.

    Lovely place to visit in the summer, can't get enough of the beautiful view of the lavender, the scent of it and great walk. Easy access to the cafe and Reg's Garden is very close by too -

    Robert M. Avatar
    Robert M.

    Good selection of souvenirs and friendly cafe service. Watch the distillery at work and smell the lavender fields ready for harvesting. Lots here for children. Loved the experience -

    Alison C. Avatar
    Alison C.

    We all had a beautiful afternoon. The demonstration and talk was very informative, witty and enjoyable. The amount and varieties of lavender were spectacular and we enjoyed teas and hot chocolate with lavender shortbread in the cafe. -

  • Richard S. Avatar
    Richard S.

    I was dubious when I arrived. I had seen everything within 15 minutes. I took a walk around the lavendar fields and watched the bees busily working. And then I really got my value for money: the distillery talk! About... read more -

    Margaret W. Avatar
    Margaret W.

    Beautiful sweet smelling lavender grows here and the shop sells loads of products from little bags to marmalade all filled or made from it. The cafe does lovely sandwiches and cakes, plus a great cuppa. Visit on a warm day... read more -

    Emma K. Avatar
    Emma K.

    Such a lovely place, great trail for the kids to get involved and a lovely cafe to finish the trip off. A great place to visit. -

  • Gemma W. Avatar
    Gemma W.

    Very pleasant trip to the Lavendar farm when it was too windy to enjoy the beach. Its small, but cute. We went late in the season so only one variety of lavendar was still in bloom. Its a grass roots... read more -

    Ale J. Avatar
    Ale J.

    Beautiful location and very nice products here, will be there again well recommended to all who visits there. -

    Peter G. Avatar
    Peter G.

    A lovely place well worth a visit for 2 or 3 hours. Look on the website and try and go when one of the free tours is on. I think they are around 11.30 and 3.30 but please confirm this... read more -

  • Ruth M. Avatar
    Ruth M.

    A different and fun holiday experience and an opportunity to support a local farm and buy local produce. The friendly farmer provided a well informed presentation on the history of the farm and the process involved in the growing... read more -

TripAdvisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Reviews

  • 649rosemarym Avatar
    5 star rating

    Interesting afternoon at Lavender Farm Our guide certainly knew everything about the production of Lavender from the farm. Nice walks in the grounds and a very clean cafe to finish with Lavender shortbread - yummy. -

    Friendofjersey Avatar
    5 star rating

    Tea room dishes using lavender flavours Snack lunch during holiday in Jersey.
    All homemade a small but very pleasant tea room with outdoor seating on decking area.
    All food of a high quality and lavender ice cream was delicious.
    A must visit place tucked away in the countryside behind...
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    Rachel B. Avatar
    Rachel B.
    5 star rating

    Lovely place to take young children I visited with my parents and 2 year old and we all had a lovely time. There were plenty of interesting things for adults, as well as chickens, swings and Reg's garden for the little ones (This garden was an... read more -

  • uniquellama Avatar
    5 star rating

    A really enjoyable visit! I would highly recommend going to Jersey Lavender farm. The talk was well worth attending so don't miss out on it. If you love unusual blends of tea, try the lavender tea with honey in the café. -

    tvjohncaulfield Avatar
    5 star rating

    Chickens and scones. Best to go in late June or July when the lavender is in bloom and the scent consumes the air around the farm. The crazy chickens roam everywhere always on the lookout for a few crumbs of food. Lovely scones... read more -

    Maureen J. Avatar
    Maureen J.
    4 star rating

    Interesting experiences I must tell you I didn't know if I should have written this review, however my husband and I went and visited in summer during a delightful holiday in Jersey. What greeted us was a glorious and bountiful display of... read more -

  • Kelty1 Avatar
    4 star rating

    Worth a visit We visited the farm before the lavender was in full bloom. Even taking this on board we felt a wee bit disappointed that there only seemed to be one field.
    The gift shop was well stocked with a variety of goods...
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    thea543 Avatar
    5 star rating

    Well worth a visit. Took the liberty bus number 15 from St Helier only a short 10 minute stroll from bus stop to farm.
    We had a lovely relaxed stroll around the lavender field and watched the talk on the lavender distilling process. ...
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    2018Poppet Avatar
    5 star rating

    Jersey Lavendar Farm We visited the Lavendar farm this morning. It is definitely worth a visit but I would say ensure you visit at a time when you can listen to the talk (11:30am and 3pm). The talk was very interesting and quite... read more -

  • acetrainer2014 Avatar
    4 star rating

    Worth a visit. I like cooking with lavander so we visited. Interesting video on the the farm and we saw some being harvested. -

    JeffreyC189 Avatar
    5 star rating

    Relaxing few hours Didn't know if it would be worth a visit but was pleasantly surprised. Nice cafe and gift shop selling own products. If you go make sure you sit in on the talk given by a member of staff as it... read more -

    Hungrygirl75 Avatar
    5 star rating

    Surprisingly enjoyable! Thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Lavender Farm. Lovely cafe and then wandered through the fields of lavender with the resident chickens for company. Relaxing and uncommercial. Lovely items in the shop. -

  • Zellander Avatar
    5 star rating

    Dog friendly and great talk We turned up just in time for the talk (on the day we went there were only two that day). The history and description of the process was fascinating, it was interesting to hear about the different types of... read more -

    Suzie J. Avatar
    Suzie J.
    5 star rating

    We went for the Lavender - but found so much more .... We really enjoyed this visit, even though late September was coming to the end of the Lavender season. There were plenty of specimen plants showing the variety of lavenders, as well as rosemary, eucalyptus and tea trees. During... read more -

    baobabsammy Avatar
    4 star rating

    Lovely little place Lovely little place - but was hard to hear/see the talk due to space. My children enjoyed the ice creams and playing on the tree swing. -