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Two of our favourite plants in one bottle

Lavender Essential Oils

You know when people say: “I wish I could bottle that.” Well, we did just that! Our lavender essential oils capture the glorious fragrance of the lavender fields on our farm. Essential oils bring you the aroma of walking through a sunny lavender field, with your legs brushing past the flowers so that every step releases the heady scent of lavender. Essential oils can transport you to another place, just by breathing deeply.

Essential oils are brilliant for well-being. They are natural and 100% pure. Lavender essential oil is used in massage and aromatherapy. The healing properties of lavender are well-known. It is commonly used for helping with stress and anxiety, as well as supporting people to drift off to sleep. With a range of different sizes of lavender oils available, we have something for everyone. The smaller sizes are perfect for popping into a handbag or pocket for discrete support throughout your day. Whereas the larger size is perfect to keep by your bed for peaceful nighttimes.

Our world can be a stressful place. We ask a lot of ourselves. Taking time for relaxation is vitally important for our mental and emotional wellbeing. It can be beneficial to use traditional natural remedies to help us with relaxing. With Jersey Lavender, you can be confident that our ingredients are pure and natural. We grow all our lavender plant here on our lavender farm in Jersey. Our lavender essential oils capture the healing properties of lavender and enable us to share them with you and others.

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