Lavender & Rosemary Shower Gel

Two of our favourite plants in one bottle

Soap Bars

Traditional soap bars are still incredibly popular. Our lavender soap bars are ideal for hand and body, are gentle and natural, and release the scent of our Jersey lavender fields with every wash. All our soaps are made using a pure organic soap base and produce a rich, creamy, calming lather. We have a range of different aromatic scents, simple, natural handmade lavender soap bar to our combined lavender and rosemary soap bar.

Lavender has long been known for its well-being properties. Lavender can help reduce stress and can help people fall peacefully asleep. Using lavender products in your evening bath can be a vital part of your unwinding process from lavender soap bars to lavender essential oils. At Jersey Lavender we offer a full range of relaxing lavender-based products, so whatever your personal preference we will have the perfect solution for your skin.

We carefully select the best type of lavender to grow sustainably on our lavender farm here in Jersey. Once the flowers have blossomed we handpick the pure lavender and gently dry it. The attention we pay to growing and harvesting our lavender ensures that we capture the unique fragrance and share it in every lavender product that we produce. Whether you want a lavender soap bar or a lavender gift set for a much-loved friend, you will find the perfect lavender-based product in our shop.

Do you need a gift? Or maybe a treat for yourself? Take a look and choose a little piece of Jersey sunshine and lavender for your home.

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