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Dried Lavender Flower Buds

Dried lavender is traditionally used to make up lavender bags. These bags are then placed in drawers to keep linen or clothes smelling fresh. Lavender bags make lovely presents and are fun to make. Simply take some natural dried lavender flower buds and add to small fabric bags. You can embroider your bags with lavender flowers or other motifs, or tie them up with pretty ribbons to make nice presents to give to people.

We gently dry our lavender here on our Jersey Lavender Farm, leaving it in the sun for some days to be softly air dried, giving it that delicate, deep fragrance. Initially, we dry our lavender in a bunch, once we have dried lavender bunches we then hand rub the bunches to detach the fragrant lavender from the stems, this is then sieved to separate the lavender buds from the leaves. This process means that our natural dried lavender is concentrated lavender buds, with none of the bulking excess product of leaves and stem. The drying process captures that unique scent that makes lavender so popular.

We enjoy sharing the glorious scent of lavender with as many people as possible. We think the best scent in the world is the one when you walk through our fields of lavender flowers in the sunshine. With dried bunches of lavender, we can share this little moment of relaxation and serenity with more people everywhere. Just breathing in the fragrance of lavender if you are having a stressful day can help you to reset. Take a moment for yourself and inhale the natural fragrance of dried Jersey lavender.

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