Lavender & Rosemary Shower Gel

Two of our favourite plants in one bottle


We love lavender so much we think it should be in everything. Most importantly we think it should be in the products that you use every day, such as soap. Why not enjoy the everyday actions, such as washing your hands that little bit more?

Every time you wash with our lavender soap you can take a moment to breathe deeply and enjoy the relaxing and restorative properties of lavender fragrance to your skin. We live in a busy and fast-paced world, what could be better than injecting our days with little moments of calm.

Our natural lavender soap bars are made using our own home-grown lavender, here in sunny Jersey. We like to think we capture a bit of sunshine in every soap bar. So that every time you use it you can breathe in a little piece of sunny Jersey along with the scent of lavender. In our soap range, we also offer organic soaps, of differing scent combinations, so there will always be something for everyone.

At Jersey Lavender, our lavender soap bars make lovely little gifts for friends and family, as they come nicely packaged and well presented. Small gifts can be such a treat to both give and receive, and it is often the little random presents that mean so much to people.

For those who aren’t so keen on natural soap bars, we also offer liquid soap in a convenient easy to pump bottle. You can be confident that we will have something to suit all tastes. Never again will wash your hands feel like a chore with our lavender soap bars. The only question is, which one will you choose?

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