How To Avoid Stress

Stress is something that most of us will encounter at different points throughout our lives; however stress is not something that is always easily quantifiable and so can sometimes be difficult to recognise and deal with until it is too late. In many cases stress will not manifest itself in identifiable physical symptoms (although this… Read more »

Lavender For Sunburn

It’s inevitable, a few days of pleasant weather and half of the British population are bright red and peeling. Whilst many of us would never dream of going out into the sunshine with a liberal application of sunscreen on when we are on holiday, we will happily sit in full sun all day in the… Read more »

Lavender – Your Garden’s Companion

There are many reasons to plant a lovely lavender bush or two in your garden, not only will it’s gorgeous purple colour look amazing, its fragrance will scent your garden and you will be able to gather a bounty of gorgeous lavender to use in both your culinary endeavours and your home craft projects. However… Read more »

Lavender Preserves

One of the many things that we love to do with our crop of gorgeous Jersey lavender is to preserve it, so that we can enjoy a load of lavender loveliness right throughout the year, rather than just in its summer flowering season. And happily lavender is more than happy to oblige, lending itself to… Read more »