Treat Your Cold Sores With Lavender Oil

Although the name is misleading and cold sores don’t actually have anything to do with the cold, at this time of year when people are suffering from the effects of a long winter (and even here on Jersey it feels like it has been a particularly long one!) it can often cause a rash of… Read more »

Let’s Go Back To Basics – Love Your Lavender Bag!

We have spent lots of time thinking up wild and wonderful uses for lavender and have come up everything from muscle rubs to lemonade! But let’s not forget some of the classic uses of lavender. You may remember these merely as gracing your grannies knicker drawer, but the simple and wonderful lavender bag really should… Read more »

Lemon And Lavender Posset

There’s no getting away from it, we are really and truly in the depths of winter. Even though the shortest day has passed and we are apparently heading towards longer lighter days, it certainly doesn’t feel like it – even on the normally lovely sun-drenched island of Jersey. Recovering from the ravages of storms Desmond… Read more »

Top Uses Of Rosemary Oil

Along with our lovely swaying fields of lavender, here on our Jersey Lavender farm we also have a fantastic crop of lavender’s cousin, rosemary. Well known for its myriad of culinary uses, rosemary also provides a pungent and powerful essential oil, which we carefully and expertly distil right here on the farm. So what are… Read more »