Lavender – The Perfect Accompaniment

It may seem odd to our modern taste buds to incorporate lavender into edible products, but once upon a time Lavender was one of the most widely used ingredients in both sweet and savoury dishes. In fact, it is reported that Queen Elizabeth I insisted that a jar of lavender preserve should be on the… Read more »

How To Water Lavender

With all the wonderful weather we’ve been having recently and, most importantly, the lack of rain, a number of people have been asking us how they should be watering their lavender plants. Essentially lavender is a drought tolerant plant and once well established in the garden shouldn’t need watering. For example on the farm we… Read more »

Lavender Eton Mess

Its official, our favourite time of year is here! Not only are we slap bang in the middle of the British strawberry season, but our lavender fields are blooming and quite frankly look and smell flipping marvellous! So to celebrate this wonderful season, here at the Jersey Lavender farm we love to combine both the… Read more »

Add A Little Lavender To Your Holiday

Well it’s getting to holiday season again (hooray!), but what if (for some unknown reason) you’re not heading to Jersey for a visit to our wonderful Jersey Lavender Farm, but are off to climbs further afield? Well fear not, there are plenty of other wonderful lavender farms sited all over the world which you can… Read more »