Lavender Talcum Powder

For many people, the thought of talcum powder only conjures up images of newborn babies’ bottoms. However, our grown-up Lavender Talcum Powder has so many more uses and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and delicately fragranced with our wonderful Jersey lavender. So what exactly is talcum powder and when and where can we… Read more »

Lavender Salt

A recent addition to our, admittedly already fairly well lavender-stocked, the pantry has been Lavender Salt. This is can come in two varieties, fine or coarse, and has quite honestly revolutionised our cooking lives! Lavender Salt is beyond easy to make and not only will add an amazing flavour to so many of your dishes… Read more »

The Benefits Of Beeswax Furniture Polish

Here at Jersey Lavender, it’s not just the lavender that we grow on our farm that makes its way into our products; thanks to the traditional farming methods that we’re so proud to use, we have several other side-lines on the go that sometimes give us some rather superior by-products as a very welcome bonus…. Read more »

Lavender Oil To Treat Acne

Acne can be a very distressing condition for anyone who suffers from it and can not only be painful but can also lead to low self-esteem. Many sufferers can feel somewhat bombarded by the range of treatments available, ranging from cosmetic treatments, over the counter remedies to prescription therapies. And finding the correct one for… Read more »