How To Take Lavender Cuttings

Here at the Jersey Lavender Farm, you may think that we have more lavender then we know what to do with. However, you would be wrong! Firstly there are so many amazing uses for both fresh lavender, dried lavender, culinary lavender and lavender essential oil, that we never run out of things to do with… Read more »

Salmon With Lavender

As summer is approaching (not to try and tempt fate and consign us to yet another wash out summer – even here on the sun-drenched island of Jersey) we were thinking about whiling away long balmy summer evenings surrounded by our gorgeous lavender fields. But what should we be eating during these summers of lavender… Read more »

How To Plant A Lavender Hedge

One of the most beautiful ways (if you ask us!) to define a border or edge a pathway is with a gorgeous lavender hedge. Not only does lavender form a wonderfully bushy plant that creates a thick full hedge, but you also get the added benefit of a gorgeous swathe of colour in summer and… Read more »

Lavender Essential Oil To Treat Sunburn

Hooray!!! Winter seems to finally be over (although watch us now be set for a blast of Arctic weather!) and I bet that here on the wonderful Jersey Lavender Farm we weren’t the only ones who got caught out with the burst of lovely weather that we’ve been having. Obviously here on Jersey we are… Read more »