Lavender Spritz – Your Holiday Essential

Here at the Jersey Lavender Farm we love lavender. And we are also great fans of sharing our love of this wonderful plant and all that comes from it, even if sometimes we may steer towards the somewhat over-enthusiast sharing! However, recently for once it wasn’t us banging on about the joy of lavender but… Read more »

Lavender Around The World

Here at Jersey Lavender, we like to keep our beady eye on what’s happening in the lavender industry around the world and you’d be surprised how much lavender has been in the news of late. Here’s our quick round up of the two stories that have caught our eye in the last few weeks. France… Read more »

Lavender In Fashion

Here at Jersey Lavender, as you’ve probably guessed by now, we’re passionate about lavender and growing, harvesting and processing it has been our family’s life work for two generations now. But lavender is much more than just a crop; it is a beautiful sight, a distinctive taste, a calming aroma, a summery colour and a… Read more »

Lavender Water

It may seem like something more suited to the time of Jane Austen, Martha left you her best Love; she will write to you herself in a short time; but trusting to my memory rather than her how, she has nevertheless desired me to ask you to purchase for her two bottles of Steele’s Lavender… Read more »