Lavender To Help You Sleep

Whether it’s the occasional night where you just can’t seem to drop off or if it’s a more serious problem of anxiety related sleeplessness or clinical insomnia, having trouble sleeping can seriously affect your day to day life. But what can you do to help you to get a good night’s sleep without resorting to chemically synthesised sleeping tablets?

Why not try lavender to help you sleep? There have been a number of studies that have proved the ability of lavender to help to encourage a good night’s sleep. For example a study published by Koulivand, Ghadiri and Gorji in the Journal of Evidence Based Complimentary Medicine looked at the effect that aromatherapy with lavender essential oil had on patients who were suffering from insomnia after stopping taking benzodiazepine, a powerful sedative. It was shown that treatment with lavender oil resulted in the same levels of sleep as when patients were taking the chemical sedative.

Another study by Goel, Kim and Lao showed that olfactory exposure to lavender essential oil produced an increase in the percentage of deep or slow-wave sleep (SWS) and then a higher level of wakefulness in the morning.

So exactly how can you use our wonderful Jersey lavender to help you get a great night’s sleep?

Lavender Sleep Pillow

Let the soothing aromas of lavender induce you into a wonderful night’s sleep by infusing your pillow with its fantastic fragrance. Why not try adding a few drops of our lavender essential oil to a handkerchief and slipping it inside your pillowcase? Or let dried lavender do the work and grab one of our gorgeous Lavender Sleep Pillows – simply pop it into or onto your existing pillow and let the soothing fragrance get you drifting off to sleep in no time.

Lavender Bath

A nice warm bath before bed is always a soothing experience but why not give it and even more sleep inducing touch by adding a little lavender. Simply add a few drops of our lavender essential oil to the warm bath water and infuse your bathroom with delightful lavender steam, or you could try one of our wonderful lavender bath products. Our Lavender Bath Foam has a higher percentage of lavender essential oil than many other off the shelf lavender products and so will provide a wonderfully deep and relaxing experience.

Lavender Massage

As if a massage weren’t relaxing enough why not treat yourself to a super soothing lavender massage to help get you ready for a great night’s sleep. Simply add a couple of drops of our lavender essential oil to a plain massage oil (we particularly love sweet almond for its fantastically moisturising properties) and massage into your back, shoulders and neck (or even better get someone else to do it!). Or if massage isn’t your thing simply place a drop of lavender oil onto your temples before bed and let yourself drift off to the best night’s sleep ever!
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