A Lavender Great Read

As the long winter months drag on, what better way to spend those long cold nights, than to curl up with a good book? And why not make that a great lavender read? There are of course loads of fantastic books about lavender out there, from growing to cooking and medicinal use to aromatherapy, but… Read more »

Lavender Panna Cotta

Spring may not have quite sprung, but here on the lovely island of Jersey there are a few tentative signs that winter is beginning to recede; the first green shoots are beginning to break through the not-quite-so-frozen ground and the days are definitely starting to get longer (even if not that much warmer!). So to… Read more »

Are You A Lavender?

Obviously we’re not asking if you are actually a lavender plant, but you may be (or know) a Lavender in name – surname that is. If you aren’t a Lavender yourself, you may have heard of one of a number of famous Lavender’s. For example there is actor Ian Lavender, best known for his role… Read more »