Get Through The Winter Months With Essential Oils

Even though there are a few early signs of spring, the long winter months still don’t feel like they’re quite coming to an end. The recent frost has been gilding those few optimistic daffodils that have dared to poke their heads out and there’s definitely no danger of being able to turn the heating off for some time yet. But all is not lost, our wonderful range of essential oils, and the lovely products that contain them, can help to get your through these long cold winter months with a spring in your step and a warm feeling in your heart – even if nowhere else!

Don’t waste those bright crisp winter mornings – get a great night’s sleep with lavender oil.

One of the great joys of winter is getting up early for a bracing morning’s walk. So often in the winter time, the very best weather happens early when the sun is just rising and shedding dazzling low rays of light over fields twinkling with frost. But to take advantage of this one of winter’s treats you actually do need to be up early – and by early we mean bounding out of bed ready to go after having a wonderful and truly restful night’s sleep. So ensure a great sleep with the addition of lavender. Try inhaling a few drops of our lavender essential oil before bed, or why not slip one of our lovely lavender sleep pillows inside your pillowcase?

Keep your motivation up with rosemary essential oil.

Rosemary essential oil has the amazing ability to boost motivation and concentration and so can be just the thing you need to avoid that ominous onset of the winter fug. The lack of daylight can leave many people feeling lethargic and the cold, rainy and just generally unpleasant weather can result in you want to do nothing more than curl up on the sofa and hibernate until Easter. So instead of succumbing to the winter blues, start your day with an invigorating shower with our wonderful lavender and rosemary shower gel. Or why not try mixing a drop of our rosemary essential oil into a little olive oil (or other plain carrier oil) and massage into your temples throughout the day to give your mind a much-needed boost.

However you choose to get through winter let the products of our lovely Jersey Lavender Farm give you the help you need.


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