How To Grow Lavender From Seed

Many home gardeners choose to buy young lavender plants directly from a garden centre. However, if you are looking for a bit more of a gardening challenge, or are looking to grow large amounts of lavender plants, perhaps to form a hedge, then it may be a good idea to grow your lavender plants directly… Read more »

Lavender Christmas Wreaths

As much as we love a traditional Christmas door wreath featuring the classic combinations of red berried holly and glistening evergreen sprigs of spruce and ivy, there is an increasing trend towards slightly less conventional wreaths. There are some lovely examples that combine the traditional idea of a door wreath with either other classic Christmas… Read more »

More Lovely Lavender Christmas Gifts

Last week we gave you a little taste of some of our favourite lavender (and other) products that could make the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, but with so many great things to choose from we just had to add another post! So have a look at some of our other fantastic products,… Read more »

Lavender To Help You Sleep

Whether it’s the occasional night where you just can’t seem to drop off or if it’s a more serious problem of anxiety related sleeplessness or clinical insomnia, having trouble sleeping can seriously affect your day to day life. But what can you do to help you to get a good night’s sleep without resorting to… Read more »

Dry Skin? Lavender Can Help!

Like a superhero coming to the rescue of a group of innocent bystanders, lavender (the superhero of the plant world – or so we think!) can even come to rescue of dry skin. “How?” You say? With a generous application of our wonderful Lavender Hand and Body Lotion, we say! As anyone who regularly works… Read more »

Can Lavender Keep You Safe At Halloween?

These days Halloween is a really fun time of year; dressing up, Halloween parties, carving pumpkins are all great traditions. And don’t think that lavender can’t play a part in this too. How about spoiling your ‘Trick or Treaters’ with a square of lavender fudge, a homemade lavender scone, a shard of lavender shortbread or… Read more »

New Products For Summer

Well, we’re more than half way through June now and, here at Jersey Lavender, we’re rejoicing that summer has arrived at last. It seems to have been a long time coming, but now Wimbledon is upon us and we’ve finally managed to dust off the BBQ, break out the deck chairs and make the most… Read more »

We’re Open!!!!

It’s that time of year again and we happy to announce that our wonderful Jersey Lavender Farm is open to visitors. The visiting season this year stretches from 8th April to 21st September – so that’s nearly 6 months where you can include a visit to us into your wonderful Jersey holiday. A visit to… Read more »

Lavender Chocolate – A Mothers Day Treat

Lavender – yum. Chocolate – yum. Lavender Chocolate – double yum! And after a recent trip to home of wonderful chocolate, Belgium, a friend brought me back a bar of Belgian Lavender Chocolate – hooray! In the past we had always thought of pairing the amazing floral taste of lavender with white chocolate (try infusing… Read more »

Use Lavender In Your Clothes Storage

The clocks went back recently, so it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for winter, and yes that means the annual tidy away of your summer clothes to make room for an influx of Christmas jumpers! What, however, can you do to ensure that your lovely summer clothes don’t end up with that awful… Read more »