Lavender – Your Garden’s Companion

There are many reasons to plant a lovely lavender bush or two in your garden, not only will it’s gorgeous purple colour look amazing, it fragrance will scent your garden and you will be able to gather a bounty of gorgeous lavender to use in both your culinary endeavours and your home craft projects. However… Read more »

Freshen Your Home With Lavender

We may not be quite there, but here on the wonderful Channel Island of Jersey, Spring finally feels like it’s beginning to…well…spring! It has been wonderful to be able to throw open the windows of our lovely lavender farm house and get some of that fresh Channel Island air blowing the cobwebs away. And in… Read more »

Can I Use Essential Oils On My Pet?

There are a number of differing opinions on whether you can safely use essential oils on pets, and I think that it’s safe to say that the jury’s out until further study can be made into the effects. However there have been some small scale studies and a growing amount of anecdotal evidence to say… Read more »

Lavender Oil To Treat Burns

One of the many amazing uses of lavender essential oil is its ability to be used to treat minor burns and scalds. It is believed that lavender oil was first used to treat burns in 1928 by the ‘founder of aromatherapy’, Rene Gattefosse. In his book, ‘Aromatherapie’ Gattefosse chronicles suffering a burn to his arm… Read more »

Lavender in your Laundry

OK, so Easter is officially over. We must now wave goodbye to huge family roast dinners, pounds of Simnel Cake and masses of chocolate Easter Eggs. Yummy. However, for many of us, this post-Easter period is one of having to loosen top buttons, fasten your belt on a different hole and complain that the washing… Read more »

Lavender Oil To Treat Acne

Acne can be a very distressing condition for anyone who suffers from it and can not only be painful but can also lead to low self-esteem. Many sufferers can feel somewhat bombarded by the range of treatments available, ranging from cosmetic treatments, over the counter remedies to prescription therapies. And finding the correct one for… Read more »

Can Lavender Keep You Safe At Halloween?

These days Halloween is a really fun time of year; dressing up, Halloween parties, carving pumpkins are all great traditions. And don’t think that lavender can’t play a part in this too. How about spoiling your ‘Trick or Treaters’ with a square of lavender fudge, a homemade lavender scone, a shard of lavender shortbread or… Read more »

How To Plant A Lavender Hedge

One of the most beautiful ways (if you ask us!) to define a border or edge a pathway is with a gorgeous lavender hedge. Not only does lavender form a wonderfully bushy plant that creates a thick full hedge, but you also get the added benefit of a gorgeous swathe of colour in summer and… Read more »

Lavender Essential Oil To Treat Sunburn

Hooray!!! Winter seems to finally be over (although watch us now be set for a blast of Arctic weather!) and I bet that here on the wonderful Jersey Lavender Farm we weren’t the only ones who got caught out with the burst of lovely weather that we’ve been having. Obviously here on Jersey we are… Read more »

Lavender To Ease Your Cold And Flu Symptoms

With the continuing cold, wet and dreary weather (even here on the usually sun drenched island of Jersey!), it seems that those nasty cold and flu viruses are sticking around a bit longer than normal. Even though there is little that conventional medicine can do for your colds and flu (remember that antibiotics will not… Read more »