Give The Gift Of Jersey Lavender This Christmas


Now that holiday season is upon us, it’s definitely time to be thinking about how you are going to be treating your loved ones with a lovely gift wrapped up under the tree on Christmas Day.

Sometimes there seems to be an endless variety of gift ideas, but choosing the right one for the right person can be a significantly more difficult task.

However don’t despair – here at the Jersey Lavender Farm we think that we’ve got your Christmas shopping all wrapped up, with a great selection of gifts for all of your loved ones.

Give the gift of a great night’s sleep

Everyone needs sleep, but not everyone always gets the fantastic restful night’s sleep that they need. So for the stressed out, insomniac amongst your friends and family why not give them some of our fantastic Jersey Lavender products that can help to soothe them off to the land of nod:

Jersey Lavender

Lavender essential oil – probably one of our simplest products, but the one of which so many other amazing things are based.

One of the myriad of uses that your loved one can find for our lavender oil is to massage a drop or two to into their temples, or to sprinkle a few drops on their pillow to ease them off to sleep.

Lavender Sleep Pillow

Lavender Sleep Pillow – pop this lovely little pillow filled with our gorgeous dried lavender in with their regular pillow, and then let the calming and soothing aroma do the rest.

Lavender Foam Bath

Lavender Foam Bath – running a deep, soothing bath that is filled with the calming scent of lavender before bed and then simply drift off into a great night’s sleep.


Treat your house-proud loved ones

Any home can be enhanced with our great range of products for the home. Some of our favourite items include:


Filberts Beeswax Furniture Polish with Jersey Lavender Oil

Beeswax Furniture Polish with Jersey Lavender Oil – this exceptionally high quality polish is made especially for us combining Filberts Bees Ltd beeswax and our wonderful Jersey Lavender essential oil, essential for those who really love their furniture and want to treat it with the very best.




For the beauty addict

Forget overpriced, chemically synthesised, high street personal fragrances and why not treat the beauty addict amongst your loved ones to one of our gorgeous natural lavender fragrances:

Jersey Lavender Colognes

Lavender Eau de Toilette – our best-selling lavender fragrance will always be in fashion. Made with a high percentage of our velvety lavender essential oil, it makes the perfect gift.

Lavender and Rosemary Cologne – this gorgeous scent makes a wonderful gift for both men and women.

Gentlemen’s Cologne – this classic masculine fougere fragrance makes a wonderful gift for the classic man in your life.


Take a look around our online shop for more fantastic gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.



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