Ways to Use Tea Lights at Christmas

It seems like nearly everybody loves tea lights, these cute little candles can be purchased relatively inexpensively and can seem like they have a million different uses. They are wonderful when Lavender Tea Light Setused to light up your garden (or your Jersey Lavender Farm for that matter!) in summer, but we think that when they really come to life is in winter, especially when they can help to transform your home into a world of twinkly, sparkly festive loveliness. Have a look at some of our favourite Christmas tea light uses below.

Citrus tea light holders

When you think of Christmassy flavours and scents, one of the most prevalent is often citrus (think about getting that tangerine in the toe of your Christmas stocking), and we love little better than chomping our way through a pile of tangerines whilst watching a spot of Christmas telly! But instead of just throwing the peel away, carefully remove the very top slice of peel and then remove the segments without piercing the remaining skin, leaving an empty ‘cup’ behind. Simply pop in a tea light and you will have little glowing orange cups and the citrusy scent will be released throughout your home.

Festive tin can tea light holders

These clever little tea light holders look absolutely lovely and are super cheap to make too. All you need to do is save up a stash of empty tin cans (the ones that don’t have a plastic internal coating tend to be best). The give them a good wash out and soak them in hot soapy water to remove the labels and any traces of glue. Next, fill the cans with water and freeze them overnight until the water has turned to solid ice – this will help to stabilise the cans and stop them from bending. Next, simply punch holes in the sides of the can using a hammer and a sharp nail (you could even use different sized nails to make different sized holes). You can draw a pattern out first or just go freehand. Simply pop in your tea light and you’re done.

Frosted jar tea light holders

These are super simple and yet look amazing! Simply save a selection of empty glass jars and once they’re clean and have had their labels removed then just spray them with glass frosting spray (available online or in craft shops) before popping in your tea lights. If you want to get even more creative you could try embellishing the frosted jars with lace or ribbon or use masking tape to leave clear designs on the jars for the light to shine through.

But if all of this sounds like too much fuss and bother, then why not pick up a pair of our lovely new tea light holders that come with a frosted design of either a Christmas tree or a star. And make sure that you have a look at our lovely range of tea lights to go in them too, we particularly love the Orange and Cinnamon Tealight Candles for Christmas.

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