Fabulous Lavender Christmas Gifts

There is no end of wonderful things about living on the gorgeous Channel Island of Jersey; the stunning scenery, the wonderful people, the thoroughly pleasant climate, the charming mix of British and French features. However, the speed of the postal service to the rest of the mainland UK is not always one of them, especially at Christmas!

But don’t fear, simply make sure that you get your orders in for our range of wonderful lavender products by the last posting date and somehow the Jersey postal service always manages to deliver before Father Christmas has even had his first nibble of mince pie!

So now that you know when you need to get your order to us, it’s just down to the difficult decision of which of our fabulous products to choose from. So to help you along the way here are a few of our favourite products:

Scented Candles

Lavender CandleAlways a winner, it seems like you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous artisan high quality scented candle as a gift for that person who already seems to have everything. 

Our range is made with a high percentage of essential oil to give a truly fantastic and natural aroma and is packaged in attractive lidded tins that look as attractive lit as when they’re stored on the shelf.

You can choose from our home-grown and distilled Lavender Scented Candle, home-grown and distilled Bay and Rosemary Scented Candle or the very scent of Christmas in our Orange and Cinnamon Scented Candle.

Lavender Bags

Jersey Lavender Canvas Shopper Shopping BagOur range of Lavender Bags looks as good as they smell as they feature delicately hand-embroidered lavender motifs. 

You can choose from specifically designed Lavender Sleep Pillows that are just right for slipping inside a regular pillow to encourage a wonderful night’s sleep (just right for the busy or stressed amongst your friends) or gorgeous Lavender Bags that are perfect for popping into drawers or wardrobes to both impart their wonderful fragrance and to ward off any unwanted critters!

Edible Lavender Products

For the gastronome on your present’s list why not surprise them with one of our lovely Edible Lavender Products. 

Shortbread BiscuitsThese days the gorgeously delicate and aromatic flavour of lavender is undergoing a culinary resurgence and featuring in both sweet and savoury dishes. Why not treat a keen cook to a copy of the Lavender Cookbook and Two Culinary Lavender Sachets – they’ll be amazed at what you can make. 

Or you could give a packet of our Lavender Scone Mix or Lavender Shortbread Mix for those who love baking but are short on time, or suffer from ‘all the gear but no idea’! 

Or why not add a bit of interest to a Christmas Hamper gift and add a jar of one of our wonderful lavender condiments, choose from Lavender Jelly, Lavender, Lime and Lemon Marmalade or Lavender and Honey Mustard. Yum!

Lavender Homewares

Full Cotton Tea Towel by Molly MacIf you fancy giving a gift that is a little more useful than edible, then we have a gorgeous range of lavender themed Towels, Tea Towels and Bags, China and Accessories.

These are all made of either the finest high thread count cotton or fine bone china and feature a delicate lavender sprigs motif. 

Or why not go a little more Christmassy and give a scented candle or a fun festive Christmas Pudding Mug or Christmas Pudding Mini Jug – just the thing for adnoring the Christmas table!

Homemade Lavender Christmas Gifts

Lavender makes a wonderful gift at Christmas time as it’s so versatile and if you want to present your family and friends with heartfelt homemade gifts, a little bit of lavender can be a wonderful way of doing so. Below are four great homemade lavender gifts you can make this Christmas time.

Lavender Hearts

Simple but heartfelt these lavender hearts are perfect for hanging in bedrooms, putting in drawers and even in wardrobes to keep things smelling fresh (and keeping moths away). 

They could not be simpler to make. Simply cut two matching hearts from your chosen fabric and then sew them together at the edges, leaving a hole at the top large enough to stuff full of dried lavender

Once the dried lavender is in sew up the hole, attach a ribbon and add a couple of drops of Lavender oil to the heart, ensuring that fresh lavender scent is brought out.

Lavender Lemonade

Invest in some strong vintage glass bottles and decorate them with a festive twist, before filling them to the brim with your own homemade lavender lemonade. The recipe is quite simple all you need is:

– 1.5 litres of water
– 100g sugar
– 85g honey3 tablespoons of dried lavender
– 250ml lemon juice

Combine 500ml water with your sugar and bring to a boil until the sugar dissolves. Switch off the heat and then stir in the honey and lavender.

Allow the mixture to steep for two hours, for a strong lavender taste, and then strain through a sieve pressing down the dried lavender to release all the juices and ensure a fragrant mixture.

In your vintage bottle combine the fresh lemon juice with your lavender mixture and water to top up and enjoy a light pink still lemonade, perfect for handing out to friends at Christmas.

Lavender Bath Salts

A relaxing bath with the soothing scent of lavender is a wonderful way to end the day so give the gift or relaxation with this easy homemade gift. Wonderful if presented in a vintage style perfume bottle or Mason jar. All you will need is:

– Dried lavender
– Pure Lavender Oil
– Epsom Salts

Begin by filling your chosen jar or bottle halfway up with Epsom salts and then add up to 15 drops of lavender oil, pop on the lid and shake well. 

Remove the lid and then add in your dried lavender before popping the lid back on and shaking well once more. Fill to the top with more Epsom salts and then add more lavender to your taste, remembering to shake for a fully mixed product.

Take a look around our online shop for more fantastic gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.


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