Let’s Go Back To Basics – Love Your Lavender Bag!

We have spent lots of time thinking up wild and wonderful uses for lavender and have come up everything from muscle rubs to lemonade! But let’s not forget some of the classic uses of lavender. You may remember these merely as gracing your grannies knicker drawer, but the simple and wonderful lavender bag really should still be a household staple.

Lavender bags are one of the simplest methods of using our wonderful Jersey dried lavender, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t still one of the best. In their simplest form these are simple cotton (or other porous cloth) bags that are filled with dried lavender, sealed and then placed around the home. And to be honest even with a fair amount of effort they don’t get much more complicated than that!

So what are some of the uses of a classic lavender bag?

When placed in drawers, wardrobes, suitcases, trunks or anywhere else that you store clothes or linens, a lavender bag will provide two great benefits. Firstly they will leave your clothes and linens smelling fresh and subtly of lavender so you can say goodbye to having to use strongly perfumed fabric conditioners or simply putting up with the smell of musty clothes. Along with this, lavender bags will also protect your clothes from attack by clothes moths or other annoying insects. And happily rather than the rather pungent smell or traditional mothballs, lavender is both effective and fragrant.

Lavender bags can also be used to fragrance your home. Why not try suspending a lavender bag above a fireplace (or simply tucking away on the mantelpiece) or popping on top of a radiator, as heat will really bring out the smell. Or to encourage a restful night’s sleep try slipping a lavender bag under your pillow or next to your bed. Lavender’s soothing and calming effect will help to slow your central nervous system promoting both a great night’s sleep and fantastic morning.

Here at Jersey Lavender we have a fantastic range of gorgeous lavender bags that are all ready to use, and when the fragrance naturally fades you can either refresh the buds with a sprinkling of our gorgeous velvety lavender essential oil, or simply refill the bag with some more lovely dried Jersey lavender.

So let’s all shout ‘hooray’ for the humble lavender bag!

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