Lavender in your Laundry

OK, so Easter is officially over. We must now wave goodbye to huge family roast dinners, pounds of Simnel Cake and masses of chocolate Easter Eggs. Yummy. However, for many of us, this post-Easter period is one of having to loosen top buttons, fasten your belt on a different hole and complain that the washing machine has shrunk your clothes again. The answer – eat healthy food and exercise. Not exactly rocket science, but this can cause some further unforeseen issues, and stinky gym clothes can be one of them!

We all know that taking exercise is not only going to keep us healthy but is also often the key to losing those post-Easter/Christmas/Birthday/Holiday/”I know, but it is Tuesday” pounds. Working up a bit of a sweat and getting your heart really pumping not feels great but also provides significant results. But what do you do with your stinky workout gear afterwards? Sometimes a quick whizz through the washing machine will do the trick. But sometimes, it will not. Our answer – turn to a little lavender.

A few drops of our gorgeous velvety lavender essential oil will not only imbue your clothes with its wonderful floral and aromatic fragrance but also has an antibacterial and antifungal action that can fight against any nasties that are still hiding in your clothes.

So what are the best ways to use lavender essential oil in your laundry?

    1. Simply add a few drops to your regular detergent (liquid works best) or fabric conditioner before you put it into your washing machine. The scent will then permeate through your clothes leaving them fresh and sweet-smelling.
    2. Fragrance your clothes using lavender essential oil in your tumble drier. Simply create your own tumble drier sheet by adding 4-5 drops of lavender oil to a small piece of cloth that you can either pop in at the start of the drier or for a few minutes in the end on a ‘no heat’ setting.
  1. Create a natural laundry rinse by combining 1 teaspoon of lavender essential oil with 450ml of distilled white vinegar. Simply shake them together to combine and either use this to hand rinse your clothes (a couple of tablespoons in a sink full of water should do) or add 100ml to the fabric conditioner drawer of your washing machine. Don’t worry, you won’t end up smelling like a fish and chip shop – instead, your clothes will be rinsed completely clean of any detergent residue leaving your clothes super clean, soft, fluffy and smelling deliciously of lavender. Also, the combined action of the vinegar and the lavender will fight against bacteria and fungi.

So why not try adding a little lavender to your washing today?

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