How To Use Dried Lavender

Lavender is a plant that offers several uses and is well-known as a scent that can help relax the senses and reduce the feeling of anxiousness. When dried, lavender maintains its soothing aroma and can be used for all kinds of home remedies, crafts, beauty products and even in food.

At Jersey Lavender, we dry our lavender naturally in the sunshine, using about 10% of our crop. In just a few days, it is then ready to be hand-rubbed from the stems, separating the delicate buds from the stems and leaves.

Now you have your dried lavender flowers, you can decide how you’re going to put it to good use. Here we’ve rounded up our favourite ways to use dried lavender in and around the home to enjoy the many benefits such a versatile flower and uplifting scent.

Lavender Bags or Pillows

Whether you buy pre-made bags to fill with lavender, or stitch together your own cushion with your favourite material, filling them with lavender is handy for multiple uses. They can be used in a bedroom to fill the room with the relaxing scent (especially next to the bed area), or they can be hung up in your wardrobe to keep clothing smelling fresh. Keeping a lavender bag in your handbag is a great way to fight off daily bouts of anxiety too, as well as keeping your handbag beautifully scented!

Add to Drinks

Dried lavender can be added to your favourite drinks to add a floral flavour and fragrance. It’s great to add to green tea or a floral gin.

Cooking Ingredient

Not only good for drinks, dried lavender can also be used when cooking. As a member of the mint family, lavender can add another depth of flavour to a dish and looks great tossed in salads!

Natural Insect Repellent

If you have dried lavender still on the stems, tie them together with string to hang by your window or take a handful of dried lavender and sprinkle it under your doormat. As a natural insect repellent, it will help to keep those bugs at bay!

Homemade Lavender Potpourri

If you’re feeling creative, make your own lavender potpourri using your favourite dried scents. Mix it with dried rose petals and the peel from an orange to create a beautiful mix of aromas.

Fragrant Confetti

Add dried lavender buds to wedding confetti to congratulate the newlyweds with a beautiful aroma or add them to a card for an uplifting scented greeting.

As you can see, there are a whole host of ways you can use dried lavender, and these are just some of the ways you can use this extremely versatile flower. Our dried lavender is available in bulk or as a 100g gift bag depending on how much you need. If you have any questions about dried lavender and its many uses, please get in touch!

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