Add A Little Lavender To Your Holiday

Well it’s getting to holiday season again (hooray!), but what if (for some unknown reason) you’re not heading to Jersey for a visit to our wonderful Jersey Lavender Farm, but are off to climbs further afield? Well fear not, there are plenty of other wonderful lavender farms sited all over the world which you can visit.

Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm, Maui

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to the beautiful island of Maui, then why not include a trip to the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm? This beautiful 13.5 acre lavender farm is set 4000 feet above sea level on the slopes of the Haleakala volcano. Although not native to Maui, lavender absolutely loves the climate (who wouldn’t?!) and thrives so much that it blooms all year round! When visiting the farm it is recommended that you bring some sturdy walking shoes so that you can spend the day wondering around the beautifully manicured farm. You can view some of the 45 different varieties of lavender, along with olive trees, hydrangea and protea, all created and cared for by agricultural artist and horticultural master, Ali’i Chang. Half hour walking tours are offered throughout the day and twice a day you can also book onto a golf buggy tour with Mr Chang himself at the wheel. Why not also pick up a Lavender Gourmet Lunch Basket from the shop and enjoy this in the wonderfully fragranced grounds? Doesn’t sound too bad to us!
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Quinta Das Lavandas, Portugal

This 200,000 square meter lavender farm is a great example of the popular trend of agritourism. The farm itself is committed to producing only the very best organic lavender whilst also providing 7 gorgeous rooms giving you the chance to live on your very own lavender farm! The farm is situated in the Serra de Sao Mamede National Park, approximately 4km from the beautiful town of Castelo de Vide. From here you have a fantastic base for exploring the region, or even just spending your days wandering around the farm and discovering the prehistoric sites situated within the farms grounds. And if you want to delve into the world of lavender even further, Quinta Das Lavandas runs regular seminars and workshops on the culture of lavender and its applications in different areas: food, cosmetics, crafts and distillation of its essential oils.

Cedarbrook Lavender & Herb Farm, Washington State, USA

The Cedarbrook Lavender and Herb Farm have been operating near Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, USA, since 1967. The farm focuses on wholesale lavender production but also offers a beautiful Seaview Vacation Rental property. Sleeping up to 5 people this gorgeous lodge has amazing views overlooking some of Washington State’s most stunning scenery. Why not coincide your trip with the date of their annual lavender festival (3rd weekend of July) where the farm opens its doors to the public. During the festival you can pamper yourself with locally handcrafted bath and body products, experience lavender cooking demonstrations from local chefs and sample the famous Desi’s Lavender Lace Cookies.
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