Why Use Pesticide And Herbicide Free Essential Oils?

Here on the Jersey Lavender Farm, we are positively surrounded by nature. The natural world and the wonders that it produces is our business and so we want to love and care for it as best we can. That is why we are committed to farming without using any pesticides or herbicides; in fact, we weed our entire farm by hand! We are not certified organic by the Soil Association (mainly because we haven’t quite gotten around to it!) but we are committed to farming in an organic way.

So why should you use herbicide and pesticide-free essential oils, such as our lovely lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil or eucalyptus essential oil? There is a myth that certified organic or organically grown essential oils are of a higher quality than non-organic oils.

In some cases, this may be true, but the quality of essential oil in fact relies on a number of factors. Essential oil quality can be affected by everything from the exact type or species of plant from which the oil was harvested, the health of the plant, the growing conditions, how and when it is harvested, the skill employed in the distillation process and how the product is cared for after distillation.

In the case of our essential oils, we ensure that we produce the very highest quality product by ensuring that all of the above factors are the very best that they can be. This may result in our Jersey essential oils being of a higher quality than a certified organic essential oil that has been produced from a less skilled or conscientious distiller.

We also believe that the best essential oils will come from the best plants and that the best plants are those that are grown in the most natural and harmonious way. In which case we do not use pesticides or herbicides to treat our plants; we simply ensure that our land has a naturally healthy ecosystem.

For example, instead of using a chemical to kill aphids and other naughty insects, we encourage ladybirds to come in and do the job for us. Also rather than spraying potentially harmful (both to our crops and to the other ecologically important plants and animals) chemicals onto unwanted plants, we simply weed by hand. This may take a little longer, but to be honest any excuse to spend a little more time in our gorgeous Jersey back garden works for us!

So why not click through our shop and have a look at some of our natural and ethically produced essential oils and essential oil products?


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