Use Lavender In Your Clothes Storage

The clocks went back recently, so it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for winter, and yes that means the annual tidy away of your summer clothes to make room for an influx of Christmas jumpers!

What, however, can you do to ensure that your lovely summer clothes don’t end up with that awful musty smell by the time that we ever see some sunshine again? Lavender is the answer!

Why use lavender is your winter storage?

Dried lavender can be a wonderful addition to your clothes storage bags for a number of reasons. Firstly and most obviously lavender will impart it’s wonderful fragrance throughout your clothes, linen or anything else that you are storing (event think about paperwork and files, they’re so much less depressing when they smell of lavender!) and will help to ensure that when you reach for the summer dress again, it will waft its delicate aroma of lavender around the room, instead of that musty smell of old socks!

Also, the process of thoroughly drying the lavender ensures that there is no moisture left in the lavender that could leach out into your clothes and result in an unpleasant smell and possible mould growth. In fact, the dried lavender can act to absorb any moisture left in your clothes, or their bag, as an extra level of protection.

Lavender will also act as an amazing natural insect and moth repellent, without having the strong and sometimes slightly unpleasant smell of other deterrents. For example, cedarwood has long been used to protect clothes from moths, but its strong odour will permeate your clothes often meaning that they need to be thoroughly washed before wearing.

Another alternative is the old fashioned naphthalene and PDB moth-balls. These do effectively repel moths, but they also release a strong and toxic odour and can be a fire hazard. So using dried lavender will give you both effective protection, wonderful smell and has the advantage of being an entirely natural product.

How can you use lavender is your winter clothes storage?

There are a number of different ways that you can utilise lavender to protect and fragrance your stored items. For the crafty amongst us, you can buy our wonderful dried lavender flowers in bulk and then set to and make your own lavender bags, sachets and filled pomanders that can then simply be placed in and amongst whatever it is that you are storing.

However if ‘a stitch in time’ definitely does not ‘save you nine’ then you can buy gorgeous prefilled lavender bags from us. The uses for these little bags of lavender loveliness are seemingly endless, but popped into your storage bag, drawer or tied to your wardrobe rail they are just wonderful.

Another handy idea is our gorgeous little lavender letter packets. Although named so that they can be popped inside an envelope to make it extra special when your loved one opens their birthday card, they are also perfect for slipping between layers of folded clothing or linen before it is packed away.

So whatever you do when clearing out those summer clothes, make sure that you add a little lavender!
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