Top Three Uses Of Eucalyptus Oil

Here at the Jersey Lavender Farm, we actually don’t just grow lavender but also have a lovely little spot that is reserved for growing both rosemary and eucalyptus for oil distillation. Rosemary is a well-known partner for lavender and we have a gorgeous Lavender and Rosemary range that combines the two to perfection. However eucalyptus seems somewhat more exotic that those other familiar garden staples!

Eucalyptus is native to Australia and has been used by the indigenous aboriginal community for eons to heal wounds, cure fungal infections and to reduce fever. Later, with the age of exploration, eucalyptus was adopted by other cultures, such as Chinese, Greek, European and Ayurvedic, as a disinfectant and expectorant.

Today eucalyptus is known to have a number of beneficial effects so read on for an overview of our top three uses of eucalyptus essential oil.

As a cold remedy

Eucalyptus has a number of medicinal properties that can make it a very effective treatment for coughs and colds. These days many people wish to turn straight to broad-spectrum antibiotics to treat these generally viral infections, however a simple dose of natural eucalyptus oil can often be far more effective and actually better for you in the long term. One of the most effective ways for eucalyptus to treat your cold is via steam inhalation. Simply add a few drops to a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam up to three times per day. This will reduce sinus congestion and loosen mucus and phlegm.

As a powerful yet natural household cleaner

Rather than immediately reaching for a chemically synthesised harsh household cleanser from the supermarket shelves, why not trying a more natural, cheaper and yet incredibly effective alternative? Eucalyptus essential oil is naturally powerfully anti-bacterial and anti-viral, meaning that it very effective at controlling the spread of germs around the house, whilst also leaving it’s wonderfully fresh and invigorating scent. Simply add a few drops to a mixture of warm water and white vinegar for a brilliant floor and surface cleanser.

As an effective insect repellent

Many people find commercially available insect repellents too harsh and all too often, ineffective. So why not turn to Mother Nature for her answer? Nasty biting insects have a tendency to hate some of the very scents that we love, including eucalyptus. So you can either try popping a few drops of eucalyptus oil into an oil burner or vaporiser or make a natural bug spray by combining a few drops of eucalyptus (and also consider adding other oils such as lavender essential oil and citronella) to a carrier oil, give it a good shake and then spritz onto exposed skin.

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