Uses Of Lavender Around The Home

The lavender has an absolute myriad of uses, whether they are medicinal, for the body, on holiday or for so many other things. Our top-quality Jersey farm-grown lavender also has a really great array of uses around the home, and here’s our top pick:


So let’s start with the obvious – lavender essential oil is absolutely fantastic way to fragrancing your home. The gorgeously aromatic and floral scent will make your home smell gorgeous and will also have the added benefit of neutralising any unpleasant odours, rather than simply covering them up.

There are a number of ways that you can use our lavender essential oil to fragrance your home. Try sprinkling a little into a bowl of potpourri or adding a couple of drops to an oil burner. Or why not try a spritz of our lavender room spray or light one of our fabulous lavender-scented candles or lavender tea lights?


A lavender essential oil can be a great asset to any cleaning cupboard. It has a natural antibacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic effect that will leave your home squeaky clean without any of that harsh chemical smell. Try adding a few drops to a bucket of warm water and white vinegar for mopping floors or put a similar mixture into a spray bottle and use to clean and disinfect surfaces and clean the bathroom. Or add a few drops to your usual cleanser to both boost efficacy and add a fantastic fragrance.

Keeping Bugs at Bay

The scent of lavender, whilst irresistible to most of us is completely abhorrent to many insects. This happy twist of nature means that you can protect your clothes and many other items in the home from invasion by unpleasant creepy crawlies. To keep the dreaded clothes moths at bay add one of our lovely dried lavender bags to your wardrobe or drawers. This will not only help to repel moths but will also keep your clothes smelling fresh and lovely rather than the unpleasant camphorous smell of many traditional mothballs.

Lavender can also be used to deter insects that are more interested in eating you than your clothes. The scent of lavender can be used to repel mosquitoes etc. Try adding a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to a spray bottle of mineral water and spritz onto any exposed areas of skin to drive away bugs. However, if you do get bitten you can place a drop of lavender oil onto the bite to help to sooth the itching and encourage healing.

Lavender in your Laundry

A few drops of our gorgeous velvety lavender essential oil will not only imbue your clothes with its wonderful floral and aromatic fragrance but also has an antibacterial and antifungal action that can fight against any nasties that are still hiding in your clothes.

Lavender In Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient set of Chinese values that focus on the belief that everything in our lives creates animate and inanimate energy, which ultimately control our emotions.

To make Feng shui work, you need to create positive energy on a subconscious level within your home. If this is achieved, you will feed your emotions with positive thoughts and energy, thus improving your emotional wellbeing.

In very simple terms, two of the most important elements that can affect the Feng shui of your home are colour and scent, the colour lavender and the scent of lavender are believed to be two such elements.

Homemade Lavender Smellies

OK, so it may not be the most imaginative of gifts, but deep down even the burliest of us love a good soak in the bath, so why should the habitual Christmas gift of smellies be so frowned upon? We think a lovely bath gift is always a good idea, but how about making them even more special by making them yourself? And what better place to start than with our wonderful? We’ve gathered together some of our favourite Homemade Lavender Smellies recipes for you – so go on, really treat your mum, granny, rugby playing brother this year!

Homemade Lavender Bath Salts

To be honest, these really couldn’t be easier – bath salts by name, bath salts by nature! First simply choose your salt(s), we like a mixture of Epsom salts and sea salt (about 3:1) and then add some of our fantastic lavender essential oil drop by drop, stirring all the time to break up any lumps that form until your salts are emitting wafts of lavender loveliness. The sprinkle over some of our dried lavender and incorporate this. How much dried lavender you add is really up to you, but remember too much, and you will emerge from the bath covered in lavender freckles! Then simply decant into clean, very dry jars and add some pretty ribbon and a gift tag.

Homemade Lavender Bath Melts

Drop one of these into your bath and let it slowly melt until you are swimming in a pool of lavender scented, deeply moisturising luxury. You will need to source some pure cocoa and shea butter (these can both be found fairly easily online) and some small silicone moulds (such as ice cube trays or those used to make chocolates). Firstly, break equal amounts of cocoa and shea butter into a bain marie. Let these slowly melt together, and then add 2 drops of our lavender essential oil per melt. Stir this in and then mix in 1 teaspoon of dried lavender per melt. Remove from the heat and decant into the moulds, leave until cool and then unmould and store in pretty jars.

Lavender In Your Clothes Storage

The clocks went back recently, so it’s time to start thinking about getting ready for winter, and yes that means the annual tidy away of your summer clothes to make room for an influx of Christmas jumpers!

What, however, can you do to ensure that your lovely summer clothes don’t end up with that awful musty smell by the time that we ever see some sunshine again? Lavender is the answer!

Lavender in your Wardrobe and Linen Cupboard

Using Lavender in your wardrobe can have a number of beneficial effects. Firstly, of course, its scent will permeate your clothes leaving them smelling subtly of Lavender, which can even negate your having to wear other expensive perfumes.

It is also a natural freshener, meaning that any old clothes that have not been worn recently or have been in storage (for example your winter woollies that have been put away over summer) can be rejuvenated just by being hung or stored in proximity to some dried lavender.

Furthermore, many people do not know that dried lavender can also be used as a natural moth repellent. Unlike the sometimes better-known cedarwood, dried lavender can also provide an effective and natural repellent to clothes-moths and has a more appealing smell.

The old-fashioned naphthalene and PDB moth-balls effectively repel moths, but they release a strong and toxic odour and can be a fire hazard. Using dried lavender instead means a safer result without the associated pungent smell. Essentially, dried lavender can provide a natural moth repellent, that also has that beautiful lavender fragrance.


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