The Benefits Of Beeswax Furniture Polish

Here at Jersey Lavender, it’s not just the lavender that we grow on our farm that makes its way into our products; thanks to the traditional farming methods that we’re so proud to use, we have several other side-lines on the go that sometimes give us some rather superior by-products as a very welcome bonus.

One such instance is our 100% natural beeswax furniture polish, which is handmade for us right here in Jersey by a fellow local beekeeper, using the beeswax from our own bees.

Why Use Beeswax Furniture Polish

Beeswax has been used to enhance and protect wood for hundreds of years; as both a naturally occurring substance and a by-product of beekeeping and honey production, its ready availability is clearly one of its best features. However, there is also another very good reason as to why beeswax has become the most widely used wood treatment and that is purely that beeswax loves wood like nothing else!

Beeswax not only feeds and nourishes wood, but it also protects it in an almost unique way. When worked into bare, untreated wood, beeswax will penetrate the grain and seal the wood with a waterproof coating that not only preserves but also provides a tough and durable barrier and a natural looking shine.

Even on varnished or treated wood, a regular application of beeswax will help to sustain any type of finish by supplementing the protective layer, thereby keeping the wood in tip-top condition and enhancing its natural lustre. Despite supermarket shelves that are now laden with every type of furniture polish imaginable, there is nothing that will keep your furniture in as good a shape as natural beeswax.

Our Own Home-Grown Furniture Rescuer

Made to a traditional recipe, our own Jersey Lavender Beeswax Furniture Cream is 100% natural, combining just the beeswax from our farm’s own bees with pure gum turpentine and a dash of our pure lavender essential oil. Formulated to be colour neutral, this rich cream contains no silicone and so will bring out the natural beauty of your wood without changing the colour or leaving a sticky residue.

Over the years, our ever popular furniture cream has been used by hundreds of happy customers from professional furniture restorers to heritage organisations and of course the average householder, and it has treated practically every type of wood imaginable, whether that be an antique mahogany four-poster bed or an Ikea bookshelf.

Whatever the item, our beeswax furniture cream will soothe and restore both antique and modern, finished and natural wood, leaving a healthy, natural looking sheen and bringing out the best in any piece of furniture. What’s more, at only £5.99 for a 150g pot, your pocket will be just as happy as your coffee table!

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