Rosemary Oil To Keep You Going


Now obviously, here at Jersey Lavender, we’re all for singing the praises of our homegrown and home pressed Lavender, but did you also know that we grow and press our own Rosemary too? Not only do we have our own range of Lavender and Rosemary products but we also sell our own Rosemary oil, which is the perfect Lavender compliment thanks to its rejuvenating properties.

Rosemary through the Ages

Like Lavender, Rosemary also has a multitude of uses and has been one of the most widely uses herbs across the centuries; one of its first documented uses was in the Medicine Book of Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 1179), acknowledged as the first herbalist and naturopath. Then, as now, Rosemary was known for its stimulating and uplifting properties, although it was also believed to ward off witchcraft and evil spells.


The Properties of Rosemary

There are several varieties of Rosemary, each containing slightly variant levels of the chemical constituents, but all of which comprise high levels of camphor. It is this camphor that is the active chemical, encouraging the improved flow of the circulatory and nervous systems and making Rosemary a potent energy stimulant.

Rosemary also has regenerative and restorative properties and, for this reason, is frequently used to promote hair regrowth, both in humans and animals, amongst other topical uses. Yet it is this regenerative ability, combined with the stimulating camphor that makes Rosemary such a powerful antidote to mental fatigue.


Uses of Rosemary Oil to Combat Fatigue

Rosemary Oil can be used to combat mental fatigue whenever it is needed; it can be particularly effective if you have a large project to complete or if you have an exam or interview approaching and need to be on top form. As Rosemary can help to promote the circulation of blood, it allows the body’s natural energy channels to open up and thus can give you that extra push needed to overcome tiredness and accomplish your goals.


In its purest form, Rosemary Oil can be used in a 50:50 solution in water and applied directly to the wrists and ankles or a few drops can be added to boiled water and inhaled for an extra mental boost. If you are after a more subtle infusion then the oil can be diffused on an oil burner and dispersed throughout the room in which you are working or it can be used as a dietary supplement for a more long-term effect.


Jersey Lavender’s Rosemary Oil


rosemary oilIf you are in need of a boost to your mental stimulation then you can purchase our own homegrown Rosemary Oil from our shop. Alternatively, for more understated stimulation, why not try the products in our Lavender & Rosemary Range, such as our popular Lavender & Rosemary Shower Gel, which will get you invigorated in the morning and set your mind up for the day ahead.


Whatever your need, Jersey Lavender has a solution that will please your mind and your senses.


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