Rosemary Oil – Keeps You And Your Hair Awake!

In classical times, rosemary was seen as a sacred plant and was used in and around temples. It was also used during wedding ceremonies, food preparation, cosmetic care, and medicinal herbal care. The rosemary plant and its extract were also used by the ancient Egyptian civilization as incense. Also during the middle ages, rosemary was used to smoke out devils and during exorcisms! However today rosemary is loved not only for its fantastic culinary uses (who doesn’t want a roast leg of lamb with rosemary?), but also for the wonderful essential oil that can be extracted from its leaves.

Surprisingly, rosemary essential oil doesn’t smell as much like the fresh herb as you would expect, it has a deeper and slightly more camphorous aroma (lovely when combined with some of our gorgeous).

As an aromatherapy oil it has a number of beneficial uses:

Stimulating the brain

Rosemary essential oil is a wonderful mental stimulant, encouraging brain activity, mental clarity and memory. Some of these properties were further investigated in a 2003 study by Abascal and Yarnell. Results showed that of 144 test participants who inhaled rosemary oil during an exam displayed significantly higher cognitive function. Thus research is now being conducted into options for using rosemary oil as an alternative treatment for slowing down the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in certain patients because of this apparent connection between boosted neural activity and rosemary essential oil.

Hair care

Rosemary oil is widely used in the cosmetics industry as an additive to shampoos, conditioners and scalp treatments, for its invigorating properties. Rosemary essential oil can also be used at home as it helps to stimulate hair follicles, making hair grow longer and stronger. It is also believed that rosemary oil slows down premature hair loss and greying of the hair. Rosemary essential oil is also beneficial for dry and flaky scalps, as regular massaging of the scalp with rosemary oil nourishes the scalp and removes dandruff. Simply add 2-3 drops of our wonderful rosemary essential oil into 2 tablespoons of a carrier oil such as olive, sweet almond or coconut (also very good for the hair and scalp), and massage into the hair and scalp. This can either be left in as a long term treatment or washed out after a few minutes.

PRECAUTIONS – All essential oils have the potential to be harmful if used incorrectly or in the wrong quantities. Only ever use essential oils under the supervision of a qualified aromatherapist. Also we do not recommend using rosemary oil in its undiluted form directly onto the skin, either inhale the vapours or if to be used as topical remedy ensure that it has been correctly diluted. Finally NEVER USE ESSENTIAL OILS IF PREGNANT, BREAST FEEDING OR HAVE EPILEPSY.
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