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This 100ml bottle of pure lavender essential oil is from the Grosso species lavandula x intermedia ‘Grosso’. It is richer and has more depth than the ‘true English’ lavender oil. This bulk bottle comes without an integrated dropper in the bottle neck.

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“Grosso” is a Lavandin – a hybrid lavender (lavandula x intermedia) and is different from the “true” or “English” lavender. The fragrance of Grosso oil is stronger and more penetrating – it has more camphor in it. Some prefer it because of it’s cleansing fragrance. It is still said to have a calming effect and because of the camphor, can assist with breathing difficulties. If you have a head-cold, 8-10 drops in a hot bath before bed will help clear the head and provide a restful night’s sleep.

Used extensively for creating scents, ‘Grosso’ Lavender Essential Oil is an important ingredient for many manufacturers eventhough the fragrance tends to be a little bit harsher and more pungent than traditional Lavender. Some people prefer the courser and more distinct aroma of ‘Grosso’. 

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