Plant Lavender And Help To Save The Bees!

There is often nothing so lovely as sitting in your garden on a hazy summer’s afternoon and listening to the soft buzzing of bees as they flit from flower to flower –  and the knowledge of a lovely pot of honey at the end of it doesn’t hurt either! However bees are under threat like never before; studies have shown that bees losses in commercial hives are often as high as 40% or 50%, with similar losses being observed in the wild bee population.

Not only are bees the providers of delicious honey, but they are also vital pollinators. One report states that one of every three bites of food eaten worldwide depends on pollinators, especially bees, for a successful harvest. So what can we do to try and help to save our declining bee population?

One simple step that we can all take is to ensure that our gardens are as been friendly as possible, and lavender can be a central part of that. As a rule of thumb, your garden should provide bee-friendly flowers that are rich in pollen and nectar which bees can easily access from spring until late summer. This will ensure that there is a good supply of pollen at all of the crucial times:

–  When the queens are establishing nests

–  When nests are growing

–  When nests are producing new queens and males

–  When queens are fattening up ready for hibernation

In particular bees like:

– Plants with lots of small flowers, such as our wonderful English Lavenders

– Open, single flowers such as asters or daisies

–  Bell-shaped flowers such as foxgloves

–  Herbs

–  Plants that are native to Britain

–  Wildflowers and ‘weeds’ like dandelions

–  Fruit trees

A good combination of the above will really encourage bees into your garden and may help to revive our flagging bee population. However, there are some plants that won’t be of benefit to bees:

–  Exotic or highly cultivated flowers that are not indigenous to the UK

–  Double or elaborate flowers as they often contain little or no nectar e.g. pansies or double begonias

–  Annual bedding plants

So if you want to help save the bees then add a couple of our beautiful English lavender plants to your garden and make the little buzzers happy!
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