New Year’s Detox With Lavender

The botanical name for lavender, ‘lavandula’, comes from the latin ‘lavare’, meaning ‘to wash’ as it was used in Roman Bath Houses to scent and purify the water. So with the oncoming New Year and the ubiquitous need for a detox after the somewhat over-indulgent festive period, maybe we should be taking guidance from our Roman ancestors and making lavender part of our cleansing and detoxifying regime.

So how can we use lavender to help detox our way into the New Year?

Lavender to Cleanse the House

Letting out the old and bringing in the new, is a New Year’s tradition, so starting the year with a clean, fresh, lavender scented home can be a great way to do this. Lavender makes a great cleaner not only because of its wonderful scent, but also its essential oil has amazing antibacterial properties. There is a number of lavender cleaning products on the market, however you can also very easily make your own, which you can be sure will be free from any potential chemical nasties.

The first thing to do is make a lavender infused vinegar. Simply fill a jar with fresh lavender sprigs (a few leaves don’t hurt here either), or if fresh lavender is short on the ground, (as it often is in January!) then a good quantity of dried lavender also works brilliantly. Cover the lavender with white vinegar and leave to infuse for up to a month (you can strain out the lavender and add another batch for a stronger infusion if required). Once infused strain the mixture through a fine sieve or muslin, and now you have the base of many great natural lavender cleaning products. A mixture of 50:50 lavender vinegar and water makes a great all-purpose cleaner, a cupful added to a bucket of hot water will bring your floors up a treat, or use neat for really tough cleaning.

Lavender to Cleanse the Body

Lavender’s purifying and cleansing properties have been well known for centuries, so an obvious way to kick-start your bodies’ New Year detox is with lavender. Two of our favourites are lavender tea and lavender bath products.

Lavender Tea – we have already talked about the wonders of lavender tea, not only is it delicious, but it is also naturally caffeine free and the antibacterial and antiviral properties of lavender are a great way to start your cleansing from within. The soothing and calming properties of lavender tea are also a great way to kick off your New Year on the right foot.

Lavender Bath Products – we have a fantastic range of lavender bath, shower & body and soap products. The cleansing properties of the lavender make it an obvious ingredient for ensuring that you start off the New Year both squeaky clean and smelling stunning!

Happy New Year from everyone at The Jersey Lavender Farm!

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