Lovely Lavender Loves Your Linen

One of the first things that come to most people’s minds when thinking about Lavender is its a wonderful aroma, and so it’s no surprise that Lavender has been used for centuries to fragrance both ourselves and our homes. This tradition can be continued today, especially when thinking about using Lavender amongst your linen and in your wardrobe.

There are a number of different ways of using Lavender in your wardrobe and amongst your linen, and it is around these uses that dried lavender can be especially useful. The process of drying lavender extracts the soluble elements such as water and thus concentrates the pure lavender essential oils. It is these oils which contain the aromatic particles.

Uses of Lavender in your Wardrobe and Linen Cupboard

Using Lavender in your wardrobe can have a number of beneficial effects. Firstly, of course, its scent will permeate your clothes leaving them smelling subtly of Lavender, which can even negate you’re having to wear other expensive perfumes.

It is also a natural freshener meaning that any old clothes that have not been worn recently or have been in storage (for example your winter woollies that have been put away over summer) can be rejuvenated just by being hung or stored in proximity to some dried lavender.

Furthermore, many people do not know that dried lavender can also be used as a natural moth repellent. Unlike the sometimes better-known cedarwood, dried lavender can also provide an effective and natural repellent to clothes-moths and has a more appealing smell.

The old fashioned naphthalene and PDB moth-balls effectively repel moths, but they release a strong and toxic odour and can be a fire hazard. Using dried lavender instead means a safer result without the associated pungent smell. Essentially, dried lavender can provide a natural moth repellent, that also has that beautiful lavender fragrance.

How to use Lavender in your Wardrobe and Linen Cupboard

There are a number of different ways that lavender can be used amongst your clothes and linen. Dried lavender buds can be bought in bulk to make your own lavender bags, pomanders and fragrant sachets that can be stored in between layers of linen, suspended from your clothes rail or simply placed in drawers amongst your clothes and linen to release its scent.

Advantages of using Dried Lavender

As mentioned above, drying lavender concentrates its aromatic particles meaning that it can have a deeper fragrance than its fresh counterpart. Also, drying lavender means that it has a much longer shelf-life and therefore can be used throughout the year.

The ideal growing conditions for lavender include a warm (but not too hot) climate with plenty of gentle sunshine and a gentle slope featuring well-drained slightly alkaline soil will help to concentrate the production of lavender’s essential oils, resulting in a stronger fragrance. These conditions tend to peak in April, thus meaning that fresh lavender is at its best in the spring, but the drying process means that we can benefits from lavender’s many uses throughout the year.
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