Lavender – Your Garden’s Companion

There are many reasons to plant a lovely lavender bush or two in your garden, not only will it’s gorgeous purple colour look amazing, its fragrance will scent your garden and you will be able to gather a bounty of gorgeous lavender to use in both your culinary endeavours and your home craft projects. However lavender can also be good for your garden too.

Companion planting is all about creating plant communities which have mutual benefits to each other. This can be a simple and effective way of keeping your garden fit and healthy, without too much effort on your part, and without having to resort to expensive and potentially harmful pesticides and other chemicals. Companion planting can be used to help to deter pests and also to improve the pollination of your fruit and vegetable crops.

Also, companion planting isn’t only about pest control and pollination. Companion planting can include such strategies as planting tall leafy plants to provide smaller more delicate plants protection from the wind and the sun, and also cultivating certain plants to replace the nutrients that are leached from the ground by other plants.

So, what’s so good about lavender as a companion plant and where are some of the best places to try it?

Lavender and roses

There are a number of reasons why it can be a great idea to plant lavender amongst your roses. Firstly it can help to hide the bare stems of some more mature rose bushes and also because it is a fairly drought-tolerant plant, it won’t take up all of the water that your roses need to flourish. Also, some people have found that the scent of lavender can deter those nasty aphids that can decimate your blooms.

Lavender and carrots

The bain of many a keen DIY carrot grower is the pesky carrot fly. Carrot fly, sometimes known as carrot root fly, is a small black insect whose larvae feed on the roots of carrots and other root vegetables such as parsnips etc. The larvae tunnel into the roots, making them inedible and also susceptible to secondary rotting. However planting lavender amongst your carrot crops can deter the fly, as it identifies its prey by scent and so lavender’s stronger scent can easily win out.

Lavender and anything that needs pollinating!

Lavender is a wonderful addition to any garden that has a crop that needs insects such as bees and butterflies (all ace pollinators) are attracted by its wonderful scent and gorgeous foliage. Once in your garden, they will then happily flit about pollinating all of your other plants too.

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