Lavender Wedding Anniversary

OK so we all know that the big wedding anniversary celebrations tend to be reserved for those big round numbers; 10th, 25th, 40th, 50th and even 60th! But why should every year not be special?

There are traditional gifts and colours for every year from 1 to 100, and even if no-one has actually reached their 100th wedding anniversary (and celebrated it with a 10-karat diamond!) there are a number of couples who have topped the 80 years of marriage mark.

Britains longest marriage of 88 years was celebrated by Karam Chand, 108, and his wife Katari, 101, who were married in 1925 and have eight children, 27 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren.

However, the longest claimed marriage was between Daniel F. Bakeman and Susan Brewer whose marriage lasted a remarkable 91 years and 12 days. Mr Bakeman was born in 1759 and aged 12 married Miss Brewer who was then aged 14. Unfortunately, it isn’t known how they celebrated their 91st wedding anniversary!

However, if you are part of, or know, a couple who like to make every year special than a little touch of our gorgeous Jersey Lavender could be just the ticket, as lavender is the colour used to symbolise a couple’s 26th wedding anniversary.

After all the silver of one’s 25th wedding anniversary, lavender can be the perfect foil for that. For example who could resist a lovely bunch of fresh or dried lavender displayed in a beautiful silver vase?

There are also a number of other fantastic gift ideas that would make a lovely and thoughtful 26th wedding anniversary gift:

The Jersey Lavender Gentleman’s Range

This range encompasses our classic Gentleman’s cologne, Gentleman’s bath & shower gel and Gentleman’s soap. Don’t think that the fragrance of lavender is exclusively for women, our Gentleman’s fragrance is refreshingly masculine with top notes of lavender and a base and centre notes that are warm, woody and subtly exotically spiced.

Lavender Bags

We stock a wonderfully varied range of classic lavender bags that are brim-full of our wonderfully aromatic dried lavender. Whether you want to pop a lavender bag into a drawer, wardrobe or linen closet, to not only impart a delightfully delicate aroma into your clothes and linens but also to protect against the ravages of clothes moths and other pests and insects.

Or if you want to encourage a fantastic night’s sleep with one of our specially designed lavender sleep pillows, just right for slipping inside your pillowcase and helping you to drift off. Our lavender bags could make the perfect 26th Wedding Anniversary gift.

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